Custom blended asphalt products for the paving industry.

Rockingham Asphalt

Rockingham Asphalt specializes in custom blended asphalt products of the paving industry. Formerly owned by Rockbridge Stone Products and Rockingham Precast, in 2007 Rockingham Asphalt became a distinct company.

We sell VDOT certified mixes and are continuing to develop more mixes as we grow as a company. While we are strictly a supplier of asphalt, we have several paving companies that we can recommend for anything from your driveway to the highway!


Rockingham Asphalt - specializing in custom blended asphalt pavement for the pavement industry

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For more information or to discuss your next job, please give us a call. We have two locations to serve you.
phone (540) 236-5789
3330 Kratzer Road (map)
Harrisonburg, VA 24003

phone (540) 463-2503
9 Memorial Drive
Lexington, VA 24450