Concrete Crushing

concrete crushing by Rockbridge Stone Concrete Crushing by Rockbridge Stone Products

Concrete crushing and screening on the job site can increase construction speed for projects requiring excavation or demolition of existing structures. With Rockbridge Stone's on-site crushing and screening, you will avoid the high costs of transportation of material to and from an off-site facility. For example, existing concrete could be ground down, then used as sub-base gravel on a road.

On-site recycling helps you avoid the purchase of fill or aggregates from an outside source. You will also reduce the costs of disposal of materials that could be recycled into aggregate for use on other projects or for sale to other contractors.

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Using available recycleable materials is a cost effective solution to the problems of finding resources and avoiding environmental impacts. Rockbridge Stone's equipment transforms waste material into rip-rap, backfill stone, and filter sand. Multiple screen sizes allow for production of more than one material per process.

We crush more than concrete! Rockbridge Stone's array of mobile equipment can crush brick, slag, construction rubble, asphalt, hard shale, limestone, block and cinders, as well as grind wood-based products. To meet the recycling needs of our Customr base, Rockbridge Stone's services are available to quarries, construction companies, grading, and demolition contractors and recyclers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

This modern equipment combines the steps of feeding, crushing, grinding and screening together into one on-site process. It is safe, reliable, environmentally friendly process, adding value and efficiency to your project. Contact Rockbridge Stone at (540) 258-2841 for additional information.

Besides mobile crushing services, Rockbridge Stone/The Monteray Quarry provides crushed limestone to Bath and Highland Counties in Virgnia, and Pendleton and Pocahontas Counties in West Virginia. All grades of crushed limestone are available for purchase by the public and by commercial businesses.

Rockbridge Stone/The Monterey Quarry is approved by the Virginia and West Virginia Departments of Transportation. Hours of operation are 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Terms of purchase are Cash, Credit Cards or Approved Credit Accounts.

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